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UX/UI Sounds

What it is

UX/UI sounds, also known as interface sounds or interaction sounds, are auditory cues used in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to provide audio feedback and enhance the interaction between users and digital interfaces such as websites, mobile applications, or software.

Why it matters

UX/UI sounds serve several purposes within UX design, ranging from feedback and confirmation over navigation and progression to error and warning indicators. In general, well-designed and carefully chosen sounds can create a more enjoyable and memorable interaction with the interface resulting in an enhanced user experience by e.g. adding an element of delight, playfulness, or engagement. 

How it works

UX/UI sounds are often created by sound designers or audio professionals who collaborate closely with UX/UI designers and developers. The aim is to create a cohesive audio-visual experience that improves usability, provides clear feedback, and enhances user engagement with the interface.

When designing UX/UI sounds, factors such as sound duration, pitch, volume, and tone are considered to ensure they are not intrusive, irritating, or distracting to the user. Additionally, the sounds should be consistent with the brand's identity and align with the overall user experience goals.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps
  • User Interfaces
  • Products

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