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Sound Identity

What it is

Also known as Sonic Identity, Corporate Sound Identity or Audio Identity, is the translation of the brand into sound. 

It adds a new dimension to your brand identity and is an effective tool for establishing an emotional connection with your customers through a collection of distinctive audio assets, tailor-made for and uniquely associated with your brand. It acts as the audible equivalent of your corporate design and has the task of acoustically embodying your mission, vision and values and anchoring them in your target audience.

Why it matters

Just as a visual identity is important for establishing a brand’s image, a Sound Identity has the ability to transform your brand appearance into a multi-sensory experience - predestined to be remembered and recognized. 

The advantages of having a holistic and systematic approach to the use of music, sound and voice include increased brand recognition, improved brand recall, and a stronger emotional connection with consumers. It can also help to differentiate a brand from competitors, reinforce brand messaging and create a more cohesive and integrated brand strategy.

How it works

The Sound Identity sets the direction for the strategic use of music, sound and voice by following a unique sound identity guide. It can become audible through all touchpoints by implementing various tailor-made audio assets such as a sound logo, campaign music, in-store music, brand voice, UI sounds and more. 

Through comprehensive guidelines, we enable everyone across the organization to access and implement sound, by providing a simple route for all employees to find the approved assets they need. In order to create fitting content matching your communication and addressing your target audience. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all" approach to this, a unique and effective sound identity doesn't work that way. Using our proven sound branding process, we first analyze your brand down to the smallest detail to understand your needs. Based on this, we guide your creatives and strategists through workshops with the goal of identifying the right assets to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations. All of this sets the stage for creating the appropriate audio assets and implementing them in your marketing channels. Testing and market research before implementing can provide further insights. After the roll out, there is an opportunity to monitor the created assets to evaluate and validate their success through additional market research.

Our assets to bring the sound identity to life

  • Sound Logo
  • Brand Music
  • Brand Radio
  • Brand Voice
  • Holistic Audio Concept
  • In-Store Music
  • Campaign Music

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • TV & Radio
  • Online & Digital
  • Products & Mobile Apps
  • Hotlines & Waiting Loops
  • Voice Assistants
  • PoS & Brand Environments

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