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Podcast & Voice

What it is

Podcasts and voice play integral roles in brand communication, internal as well as external. They offer avenues for content creation, brand storytelling, employer branding, thought leadership, and advertising.

Why it matters

Incorporating podcasts and voice-driven content expands a brand's presence across different channels and platforms. It allows the brand to extend its reach beyond visual mediums and engage with audiences who prefer audio-centric content. This multichannel approach enhances brand visibility, accessibility, and the overall brand experience.

How it works

We realize your podcast and voice productions from the concept, to speaker search and casting, to production and deliverable. We possess the know-how and resources required to fully carry out voice projects: from broadcast-ready voice productions for your podcasts and apps, to voice-overs for your sound demo, all the way to the traditional multilingual on-hold solutions. We can also support you with scripts and translations through our vast network of copywriters and translators. 

At any time, your team and partners are welcome to attend recording sessions either in person or dial-in via different far end recording and conferencing options.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • TV-, radio- and cinema commercials
  • Podcasts
  • Employer Branding
  • Message on-hold
  • Apps
  • Audio demos
  • Audio guides, exhibitions, installations

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