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Multi-Zone Audio

What it is

Multi-zone audio is a concept that refers to the ability to play different audio content in different areas or zones of a building or space. This concept is commonly used in commercial settings such as restaurants, retail stores, exhibitions and hotels.

Why it matters

It can be an effective way of creating a specific atmosphere, customizing the audio experience to different customer groups, delivering targeted messaging, and managing noise levels in a commercial setting. Different areas of a commercial space usually have different atmospheres and purposes, and the right audio content can enhance those - a restaurant may play soft jazz music in the dining area to create a relaxed atmosphere, while playing more upbeat music at the bar to create a livelier ambiance.

Multi-zone audio can also be used to play out targeted messages or advertisements in specific areas of a space - a retail store may play promotions or product information in the relevant product display areas to increase sales. But it’s not only about music. The implementation of soundscapes or effects through so-called “sound showers” is an effective tool to highlight certain areas or objects within a space. 

How it works

The first step is to identify and map out the different zones or areas within the space. These zones can be based on store layout, product categories, customer flow, or specific brand sections. Examples of zones may include entrance/foyer, main shopping area, checkout counters, fitting rooms, or product demonstration areas. Once the zones are identified, we curate or create audio content that is specifically tailored to each specific zone. The audio content should align with the brand's identity, the purpose of the zone, and the target audience's preferences. For example, the entrance zone may have welcoming music to create a positive first impression, while the product demonstration area may have more engaging audio content related to the showcased products.

It also involves the installation of audio systems and speakers strategically positioned in each zone to guarantee optimal sound distribution. These systems allow for independent control and playback of audio content in each zone, providing flexibility to adjust volume levels, timing, or even specific tracks according to the needs of each area. This ensures that the audio content is appropriately distributed throughout the store, maintaining a consistent and immersive audio experience for the customers.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • Point of Sale
  • Brand Environments 
  • Exhibitions
  • Audio Installations
  • Events

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