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In-Store Music

What it is

We create memorable offline retail experiences by serving music curation suited to your brand, audience and space. We provide plug & play hardware devices and intuitive software applications to ensure lossless playout and real-time content control.

Why it matters

The digitalisation of retail has disrupted the traditional point of sale. The convenience of online shopping demands stationary retail to offer visitors more than simple points of purchase. To this end, brands need to actively experiment with experience as their most powerful tool to win and retain customers. Multisensory content can turn your point of sale (PoS) into a point of experience (PoE): retailers can blend stimuli from sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing - to create engrossing immersive and sensory experiences. Because of its emotional power, music plays a key role.

Regardless of which retail industry you operate in - fashion, automotive, interior design, hospitality, gastronomy and more - your business will benefit from the effective use of music in any physical space: from brick-and-mortar, concept and pop-up stores, outlets and showrooms, trade show booths, corporate events, to common areas such as lobbies, cafeterias and lounges.

How it works

Just as any other element in the store, music too should embody your corporate identity and resonate with your target audience. By translating your brand and other core features into music, we define a unique musical profile that answers the question “how does your brand sound?”. The profile comprises an initial 1500 hand-picked tracks, as well as monthly updates with 50-100 fresh titles to always keep the musical universe up to date. The selection will be played out in the form of an ever-changing soundtrack: songs are compiled in an endless playlist that ensures smooth transitions between titles and follows a specific scheduling that we will work out together depending on your needs. 

Yet we go even further than to just provide a general sound atmosphere for inspiration and motivation. By merging human and artificial intelligence efforts, we segment the music so that specific songs are directed to respond to different variables: e.g., time/weather of day, number/type of visitor, store location, and more.

You can play your customized in-store music either via our hardware media player or mobile app. Both solutions ensure top sound quality and differ in requirements (e.g. internet connection or already existing hardware) and features integration (e.g. jingles, radio spots, etc.). We will be delighted to advise you in identifying the type of playout solution that best suits your needs. Just write us an email and we will be happy to demonstrate our tools and solutions!

Performance rights

Our in-house rights department will ensure fair compensation of the featured artists at any time and will provide support with any topics related to music licensing and public performance rights. With us, you will be in safe hands, no matter if GEMA (DE), SUISA (CH), BMI (USA) or any other country or rights society.

Touchpoints for possible implementation

  • Point of Sale
  • Brand Environments & Spaces 
  • Events

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