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Brand Voice

What it is

A brand voice refers to the unique personality, tone, and style of communication that a brand uses to convey its identity and connect with its target audience. It encompasses the consistent use of language, messaging, and communication style across various marketing channels and customer touchpoints.

Why it matters

A well-defined brand voice helps establish a brand's character and differentiate it from competitors. It sets the tone for how the brand speaks and engages with its customers, whether through written content, advertising campaigns, social media interactions, or customer service.

How is Your Brand Voice defined?

We identify the unique voice suited to reflect your brand’s individuality and that resonates with your envisioned target audience. In a comprehensive “brand-fit” process, we analyze your corporate identity and other core features of your brand and translate them into vocal attributes. 

In dialogue with your team and creative partners, we develop the voice profile of your brand by outlining the specific timbre, pitch, age and gender of the voice-over talent (or ensemble) that perfectly suits your brand.

A one-stop-shop for the wide spectrum of your needs in voice

HearDis! possesses the know-how and resources required to fully carry out your project: from broadcast-ready voice productions for your podcasts and apps, to voice-overs for your sound demo (in-car) all the way to the traditional multilingual on-hold solutions. We can also support you with scripts and translations through our vast network of copywriters and translators. 

At any time, your team and partners are welcome to attend recording sessions either in person or dial-in via different remote recording and conferencing options.

We are a trusted partner on projects for brands, including:

  • Voice consulting, speaker search and castings
  • Concept development and script creation
  • Hand-picked premium voice-over artists
  • Copywriting and translations
  • Booking, rights clearance and accounting
  • Access to high end recording studios
  • Recording, editing, mixing and mastering

Seamless cross-platform brand experience to meet and anticipate trends

Aside from mainstream forms of advertisements, brands today are expected to “speak” on an ever-greater number and type of channels: podcasts, apps, wearables, home and in-car infotainment. Billions of devices and interfaces are already conversing with your target audience on a daily basis. 

With more voice user interfaces (VUI) and intelligent personal assistants (IPA) entering the market and becoming the norm for consumption, our brand-fit voice approach represents a strategic asset that your company can rely on for a seamless cross-platform brand experience through the use of one true voice: the voice of your brand

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • TV & Radio
  • Online & Digital
  • Products & Mobile Apps
  • Hotlines & Waiting Loops
  • Voice Assistants
  • PoS & Brand Environments
  • Audio Guides, Exhibitions, Installations

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