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Brand Radio

What it is

A Brand Radio is a curated music station or playlist that is compiled specifically for your brand. 

The music selection is intended to reflect your identity, character and messaging, and can be used for many purposes, like accompanying a specific theme of a campaign, a product or collection launch, or as a goodie for your customers or fans. 

Why it matters

It takes the benefits of in-store music curation further, going beyond PoS use in the form of a URL or QR code that directs your customers to your unique Brand Radio online streaming platform, allowing them to take your custom brand soundtrack with them - wherever they go.

In this way, there is a high chance of building a strong emotional bond with your target group and creating genuine identification with your brand that transcends the usual touchpoints.

How it works

We work closely with your creative team to develop the perfect music curation that simultaneously reflects your brand, fits the occasion and appeals to the desired target audience. This can be either done by adapting an existing in-store music program or by creating an entirely new direction.

In addition, we will find the perfect way to share this asset with your customers, such as a QR code attached to your product or printed on the label, a custom sub-page integrated into your website or a Spotify/ Deezer/ Apple Music playlist.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • Online & Digital
  • Point of Sale
  • Brand Environments & Events

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