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Brand Music

What it is

Also known as Brand Themes, Brand Songs, Sound DNA or Corporate Music, are music tracks, exclusively produced for your brand based on your Brand- or Sound Identity (if available). They are of longer duration and complexity than a single Sound Logo and can consist of dramaturgically different arrangements which can be adapted in time and style for different applications. 

Why it matters

Branded music is a ready-to-use and pre-cleared asset for various marketing channels, including advertising campaigns, videos, social media, podcasts, events, in-store experiences, and more. 

When done right, they can help to create consistency, flexibility and authenticity in brand communication while simultaneously saving time and costs through special licensing packages. A customized Brand Music Library enables quick and easy access to the final music, including guidance for correct implementation.

How it works

When available, the brand music usually contains the Sound Logo melody to subconsciously create recognizability and memorability. All tracks and edits are tagged with descriptive keywords and can be found and downloaded in a custom Brand Music Library.  Each of them evokes a particular place, situation, style or cultural reference and additional edits in length allow an immediate implementation into all kinds of audio visual productions. 

In order to ensure the highest possible flexibility in the dubbing of A/V productions, a construction kit of loops and stems (separate audio tracks) of the brand music can be provided.

What else

A brand theme can also be a soundscape. Musically, the soundscape is a discreet, restrained arrangement and is used to create a certain atmosphere. The soundscape is used for the sound reinforcement of trade fair booths, showrooms, company foyers, exhibitions or sales rooms.  A soundscape is usually built up in background layers, which can be arranged or generated in different intensity levels depending on the application or point of use. 

The current trend are „generative soundscapes“, soundscapes which are generated  and played out in real time with the help of AI.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • TV & Radio
  • Online & Digital
  • Hotlines & Waiting Loops
  • Podcasts
  • Voice Assistants
  • Point of Sale
  • Brand Environments & Events

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