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Audio Installation

What it is

Audio installations refer to artistic or creative projects that utilize sound as the medium of expression. Ideally they respond to the architectural features, acoustics, or characteristics of a space, creating a symbiotic relationship between sound and the physical surroundings.

Why it matters

Site-Specific Audio installations are specifically designed for a particular location or environment and aim to engage the audience in a unique and contemplative auditory experience, blurring the boundaries between sound, art, and the physical space.

They are unique opportunities to convey narratives, communicate brand values, or enhance the narrative of a campaign. By carefully crafting the sound design and composition within an installation, brands can effectively convey their brand story and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

How it works

There is no one-size fits all. The installations will be uniquely designed by our sound artists in close collaboration with your creative team and/or retail designers to create the desired impact tailored to your space. 

We strive for immersive, experiential, or interactive auditory experiences that form synergies with the interior design and enhance the retail concept resulting in a multi-sensory experience for the viewer/listener.

Touchpoints for a possible implementation

  • Brand Environments
  • PoS
  • Exhibitions
  • Tradefairs

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