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Reinterpreting a ClassicthroughAudio Production

for Württembergische Versicherung

Relaunch of an iconic campaign soundtrack from the 90s.

Since about 200 years Württembergische Versicherung served their clients ‘as solid as a rock’, to reference their claim. In the early 1990s the German insurer wrote advertisement history with their iconic TV commercials, which contered the hyper and shrill productions of the time with elegant slow-motion footage and Erik Satie's laid back and longing piano composition ‘Gymnopédie No. 1’. The campaign and its successors had such an impact that up to this day the song is firmly attached to the brand with the German audience.

01 Imagefilm Ihr Fels in der Brandung - Württembergische Versicherung AG

25 years later Württembergische now asked HearDis! for a new interpretation of the classical composition. Our aim was to take up the dynamic and dramaturgy of the new TVCs while remaining true to the familiar sound. We interpreted the piece more modern, less dissonant and added extra passages and voices. The piano is now accompanied by a nine-headed string ensemble, which was arranged and recorded at JRS Studio in Berlin.

Our reinterpretation of this classic was heard in three new TVCs of Württembergischen Versicherung. The music also serves as new brand song and is used at all touchpoints such as online, cinema, radio, message on-hold and ringtone.

02 Imagefilm Ihr Fels in der Brandung - Württembergische Versicherung AG

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