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Inspiring CustomersthroughMusic Curation

for Westwing

Tailor-made in-store music curation completes the first step into the world of physical retail.

Westwing is Europe’s No.1 in Beautiful Living e-Commerce and a true one-stop-shop for Design Lovers. It is offering a unique brand experience with a curated assortment of its own Westwing Collection and the best design brands – also available in their first physical store at Jungfernstieg in Hamburg. To round up the beautiful shopping experience, we provided a custom in-store soundtrack alongside innovative wireless speaker technology.

© Westwing

Westwing was founded in 2011 by Delia Lachance and her four co-founders, and is headquartered in Munich. In October 2018, Westwing went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and operates in eleven European countries. The company offers Shop, Club Sales, Stores, B2B services and Westwing Studio. 1,900 professionals are working together towards the company’s shared purpose to “excite people to create homes that unlock the full beauty of life”. Thanks to high customer loyalty, Westwing generates more than 80 percent of its revenue from repeat customers. 

We are so excited about our new Store sound. HearDis! has curated a custom soundtrack that perfectly matches our Westwing products, the interior design and the atmosphere of our beautiful space. Together with the great sound system, we were able to complete our first offline retail concept with a holistic and multi-sensory customer experience.

Torben Rohr, Head of Retail Concept and Operations

In-Store Music

To ensure a holistic and multi-sensory shopping experience, HearDis! was commissioned to create an in-store music concept that fits the brand, as well as the new location, while at the same time speaking to the different target groups.

The overall music selection, ranging from relaxed to energizing pop songs, creates an atmosphere of well-being, comfort and happiness with a very positive and friendly mood In busier times of the day with more people on the floors, the music becomes more inspiring and surprising resulting in a slightly more modern and trendsetting atmosphere. Furthermore, the wide spectrum of products, materials and colors can also be heard through high quality music from various decades, styles and genres.

Innovative Audio Technology

To complete the fresh and sophisticated customer experience, HearDis! has installed a state-of-the-art audio system from Newtec. Its wireless active loudspeakers can each be adjusted to the customer's journey through the store, providing an excellent, full-bodied sound experience. Utilizing standard lighting tracks, the system is not only sustainable and efficient to install, but also flexible to adapt to different floor layouts. Naturally, our audio concept considers the different areas within the store, creating a sound environment that is always present but never overpowering.

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