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Revolutionizing EnergythroughSound Identity

for TransnetBW

The sound of high-voltage.

We were commissioned by TransnetBW to make their brand audible and to develop a corporate Sound Identity in order to emotionalize the brand's identity and image more strongly.

All images provided by TransnetBW

As a transmission net system operator, TransnetBW secures the electricity supply for around eleven million people in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The company provides the energy that makes up Baden-Württemberg’s economic power and quality of life. The company is innovative not only in terms of its services, but also in its corporate communications. TransnetBW’s fresh, visual image is to be complemented by an acoustic identity - in other words, a corporate sound - to support the brand’s strong image communicating its brand values more effectively.

Our mission, the energy revolution, is connected with strong emotions. A unique corporate sound helps us to make these emotions tangible. But what does electricity actually sound like and what does our company sound like? In the course of the project, this question led us to illuminate our own brand values in a new dimension. And that was at least as valuable as the professional result we achieved with HearDis!.

Alexander Spanic, Manager Employer Branding & HR Marketing

Sound Branding

Our approach follows a Sound Branding process that primarily looks at the brand values and strategic direction. This process then leads to specific musical guidelines that can be applied to all brand touch points. The result is the Brand Music Guide - a guideline that offers the potential to make brand communication uniform on an acoustic level as well, thus expanding the corporate identity.

Sound Identity

The TransnetBW brand values of innovativeness, responsibility, efficiency, cooperation and competency provide a solid basis for developing the TransnetBW Sound Manual: a coherent guide that defines exactly how the brand should sound and which emotions it is able to convey as a result. Based on selected mood tracks that reflect the brand’s mood, the next step was to create audio elements that are used at the various touch points: a Sound Logo, a soundtrack for corporate videos and a brand-fit music collection with loops and separated audio tracks.

Brand Music

And what is the sound of TransnetBW today?

Pulsating beats, innovative sounds and classical melodies merge into a harmonious sound image. Embedded in a modern, genre-spanning arrangement of acoustic and electronic instruments, the music conveys a feeling of innovative power, security and competence. The mixture of orchestral and experimental sounds reflect the two sides of the company: a market player between tradition and future, leading the energy turnaround forward. From now on, that is not only visible, but also audible, for example here:

TransnetBW - Impressionen von oben

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