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AuthenticitythroughCustom Soundtracks

for The Cloud One Hotels

A localized music selection enriches the stay in Downtown New York.

A new brand, a new city, a new travel experience: The Cloud One Hotels are here - right in the heart of New York City! And to enhance the ambiance with a local spirit, freedom and playful ease, there had to be the right music. A unique soundtrack that captures the richness of the city now accompanies the guests during their stay in the hotel.

How do you capture the sound of an iconic city like New York? You follow a grass-roots approach and deep-dive into the world of local artists, musicians and labels. The result is a custom curated soundtrack that features a variety of genres and styles by either New Yorkers, local labels or those who have a history with the city. A perfect blend that matches the "Urban Jungle" interior and invites guests to linger just a bit longer. From Lou Reed, to Lana Del Rey, to Sofi Tukker's "Summer in New York", the music acts as an emtional booster in this already awe-inspiring space.

On the sixth floor, the Cloud One Wine Bar & Lounge awaits guests in an exclusive design with an outdoor terrace and direct view of the One World Trade Center complex. Workbenches allow for relaxed working, inviting leather sofas and comfortable armchairs are ideal for a drink. In addition, there are organic snacks, a large cocktail selection and our authentic New York sound, which is regularly underscored by local DJs at sunset. The Cloud One Lounge is both a retreat and an experience after a day in the urban jungle.

Over the past few months in New York, we have designed The Cloud One Hotel, a product and brand of which we are proud. Not only the first-class design, but also the individual breakfast, music and bar concept underline the claim of The Cloud One Hotel.

Stefan Lenze, Co-CEO Motel One Group

Working with the Motel One Group since 2016 has taught us that music in hospitality has the power to trigger emotions on a different level. Unlike in retail, hotel guests are literally there to stay. The music thus has to satisfy different needs and dynamics. This learning has made it a fun exercise when we curated the music for The Cloud One where the interplay between content and various schedules contribute to a welcoming yet engaging ambience - one that can be felt and heard day and night on 28 floors. 

We love being part of The Cloud One Hotels brand journey, telling stories and creating emotional bonds through music.

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