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Creating an unique soundtrack for an iconic café and the local community.

From a modest pop-up concept to one of the city's strongest local brands - that's the TATTI story. Serving great coffee and cake during the day and drinks from afternoon until late at night, TATTI is the place to be in the heart of Stuttgart. HearDis! has created a unique 24/7 soundtrack and a public brand radio for this iconic coffee bar, ranging from relaxed breakfast vibes to danceable nighttime soundtracks.

© Maks Richter

With its character described as "TATTItude", this the bar and café has rightfully established itself at the top of the best-of list for local bars and cafés in Stuttgart. Serving homemade cakes, snacks and drinks from early in the morning until late at night, TATTI is known for being both casual and chic at the same time. Inspired by the village of Tatti in Italy, owners Benni and Marcus have brought Italian classics such as Peroni, Estathé and Negroni into a minimalist and modern environment, creating a unique place that stands out from the crowd.

HearDis! translated the TATTItude into a musical selection that is perfect for every moment of the day: From a sunny morning on the terrace to an afternoon apéro to "dance, hug and pose" at night, our soundtrack always fits the mood.

Paul Benjamin Scheibe, Co-Founder of TATTI

Brand Radio

Since its inception, TATTI has grown to be much more than just a place to hang out. Over the years, our custom soundtrack has become a defining part of the experience. With guests constantly asking for the tracks, it made sense to create a public Brand Radio to get inspired by new music and celebrate the TATTI vibe when you can't be there - at work, at home, on vacation, wherever you are.

Check out the custom Brand Radio below or head on over to tattiradio.heardis.com to tune in, discover new songs, and take a bit of the TATTItude with you.

© Maks Richter

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