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Send & ReceivethroughPodcast & Voice

for Reiners&Eckert

A new expert podcast about corporate communication.

Send & Receive: The new industry podcast (original, “senden & empfangen”) showcases relevant topics about external and internal corporate communication. Target audiences are specialized media and advertising agencies, as well as marketing and branding managers across retail sectors.

Moderators Tanja Reiners and Malte Eckert meet each month with communication experts from renowned agencies and companies and with leading creatives, strategists and doers. The narrative thread in the conversations address smart tactics and novel approaches used in external communication to grow brand awareness, reach new audiences and reinforce the brand-customer bond.

Which channels do our guests use to send and receive important messages? How do they carry that out? And which stories do they tell for which outcome? The aim is to present outstanding campaigns or projects and offer in-depth insights into all disciplines of corporate communications.

In this podcast we work with completely new auditory content elements such as 'audio info boxes'. Technical terms are briefly explained during the conversation by an off-speaker.

Tanja Reiners, Reiners & Eckert

The podcast also deals with the increasingly important topic of internal communications. The guests featured in the program exchange on ways to successfully engage with employees in times of new work and home office. Companies are more and more competing with online media for the attention of their talent. New formats such as podcasts can be consumed with divided attention and are gaining recognition for internal communication purposes. Audio content management systems offer the corporate world a whole new way to effectively adapt their internal communication to the current needs of employees and circumstances.

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