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Increasing Customer FitthroughIn-Store Music

for Porsche Design

Curating a custom point-of-sale soundtrack for a legendary design and lifestyle brand.

Every Porsche Design product stands for exceptional precision and perfection on a high level of technological innovation and a unique balance of intelligent functions and purist design. HearDis! is proud to be responsible for providing a contemporary custom soundtrack to Porsche Design locations in the German and International markets.

© Porsche Lifestyle Group

In 1963, professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created the 911, one of the most important design objects in contemporary history. With his vision of extending the principles and philosophy of Porsche beyond the boundaries of the automobile, he founded the exclusive lifestyle brand Porsche Design in 1972. Today, Porsche Design offers a wide range of products, from watches to electronics and lifestyle accessories, while remaining true to the design ethos and heritage of professor Ferdinand Porsche.

If you think about the function of a thing, the form sometimes emerges by itself.

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

Based on a detailed brand analysis, HearDis! developed an individual and exclusive music profile that reflects the core attributes of the brand: Quality, zeitgeist and functional minimalism. 

In terms of content, these brand values were transferred to the acoustic level: the quality and high value of Porsche Design products are reflected by timeless, perfectly crafted music in the tradition of classical songwriting. The company's innovative power and sense of the zeitgeist correspond to the idea of music as a design object, which we locate in electronic music from electro-pop to house. Finally, Porsche Design conveys elegance through the highest standards of product design, which we stage by using cosmopolitan sounds orchestrated at the finest level.

The result is a dynamic, ever-changing custom soundtrack, perfectly suited to Porsche Design's discerning clientele and the brand's uniquely elegant retail environment.

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