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Enhancing brand imagethroughMusic Curation


Developing a modern and inventive soundtrack for the Berlin-based eyewear brand.

MYKITA and HearDis! share a curious approach to advanced technology and an appreciation for human knowledge and skill. Instead of relying on others and buying off-the-shelf solutions, we like to build things ourselves. So it was a perfect match to collaborate on a custom instore soundtrack that translates MYKITA's brand identity into music.


Since its inception in 2003, MYKITA has been a disruptive force in the eyewear industry: From the beginning, its designs were so unique and sophisticated that no one dared to manufacture them - so the young brand decided to develop not only their own factory, but also their own tools to create eyewear designs that meet the highest standards of aesthetics and durability. MYKITA's concept of "modern manufacturing" is the fusion of human creativity and hightech to create eyewear products that are functional, aesthetic, and unparalleled in the marketplace.

In line with MYKITA's international expansion and growing number of retail spaces worldwide, HearDis! was tasked with creating a custom soundtrack that would not only reflect the brand identity, but also support the inventive spirit and individualistic interior concept in a number of international markets.

Custom Soundtrack

Translating the brand's modern and minimalist aesthetic into a selection that is sophisticated and timeless, yet never boring and always off the beaten path, our custom soundtrack underscores the brand's identity and creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind environment. Mixing analog, handmade sounds with complex electronic beats, it is a perfect reflection of MYKITA's brand image. 

Today, the MYKITA soundtrack is played in stores all over the world, from Taipei to Berlin to Barcelona. And HearDis! is proud to be a part of the brands’ journey into the future.


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