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Hi-Fi ExperiencethroughIn-Store Music

for Teufel

Pushing the boundaries of retail audio with lossless music curation.

Reactive to a modern listening experience is Teufel, which targets people who value quality audio hardware. With its wide range of loudspeakers, home cinema and hi-fi, the Berlin-born audio and video equipment manufacturer delivers a sound experience that transforms customers into lifelong fans.

All images provided by Teufel.

Teufel stores, present in eight major European cities, serve the premium audio retailer as an interactive space conceived for its customers: in different cinemas and listening rooms, store visitors can engage first-hand with the product portfolio of Berlin design and engineering. Mostly hyped up about loudspeaker systems, Teufel’s fans are fond of showing up at the store with their favorite movie or album to test the various speakers. As the only provider offering lossless music in the retail industry, HearDis! has been entrusted by the consumer electronics specialist to enhance its stationary presence with audio content in FLAC so that fans can now enjoy top-notch performances on site.

HearDis! has managed to keep our staff engaged with excellently curated in-store music, even during the difficult times brought by the pandemic. What’s more, our customers can now also enjoy the lossless listening experience we offer in our showrooms, which is ideal to showcase our quality audio hardware.

Sven Kirchner, General Manager Retail / Teufel

Quality and customer centricity in the pursuit of experiential retail

The emergence of advanced audio formats has marked a new wave of music appreciation, lifting the average listener's expectation of quality while offering audiophiles the answer to a shared and cherished quest: the chance to hear the most authentic recreations of favourite artists and songs over and over again.

This trend slowly but surely begins to touch all sorts of commodities and environments present in our daily lives: from the auditory experience brought by the more obvious consumer electronics, all the way to new platforms for performance and entertainment encountered in urban areas and now increasingly integrated in shops, cafes, hotels or cars.

For this reason, retailers that have a quality and consumer-centric strategy at heart devote time and effort to build innovative store infrastructures tailored to the experiential retail of the future. Integrating in-store music capable of capturing a great sound, texture and detail needed to express the feeling and emotion of original performances is a key element.

FLAC over MP3 to match the expectation of modern listening experience

Different elements must come together to achieve such a grand level of sound. Starting with the musical file format. Though the MP3 is enjoying widespread use, it nevertheless continues to be a “lossy” format, in other words parts of the original song get inevitably lost to shrink and compact the file size. The sound quality is being sacrificed for the convenience of storage capacity of smartphones and portable devices. However, with music appreciation becoming more and more refined, MP3 poses a threat to the modern customer experience, especially as listeners - be it passionate or lean-back - can now differentiate between good and great sound.

This is why Free Lossless Audio Codec represents the go-to choice: “FLAC” manages to compress file sizes without losing the overall quality of the audio, hence leaving the original recording entirely untouched. With FLAC, listeners get to enjoy studio quality resolutions in the age of streaming: this open-source lossless compression format supports hi-res sample rates, takes up about half the space of a CD and stores metadata. What once were the limitations surrounding FLAC - namely, the need for greater storage space and a hardware capable of decoding the files - now offer a competitive advantage in contemporary retail.

The disruption of offline retail , coupled with new standards of customer expectation, calls for companies to revisit and boost their store infrastructure: part of the discourse revolves around the need to invest in quality audio solutions from a hardware perspective (the actual loudspeaker system), to the file format (lossless music), as Teufel exemplifies. Only by matching the customer expectation with a modern store experience in a comprehensive and holistic manner, can brands truly seize the experiential retail opportunity of the future. The innovative approach of retailers such as Teufel will certainly pave the way for more to follow.

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