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Shifting PerceptionthroughCampaign Soundtracks


Bespoke composition highlights the beauty of natural gardening.

‘Let nature take its course’ is Hornbach's new spring campaign and includes four visually stunning films directed by Hauke Hilberg, which showcase the results of letting our gardens do their thing.

Lass die Natur mal machen

Hornbach believes that with long-standing droughts, water scarcity, climate change and declining bird and insect numbers, it is time to fundamentally rethink and correct the image of a perfect garden. The campaign encourages people to consider alternatives in their gardening and DIY activities, and to give more space to nature.

The custom soundtrack is a euphoric and slightly odd call of nature that tells us when we let nature do its thing, wonderful things can happen.

Realized in collaboration with Czar Film and Heimat TBWA.

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