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Elevating Customer ExperiencethroughMulti-Zone Audio

for KaDeWe

New acoustics within historic walls create vibrant in-house experience.

After a six-year renovation during ongoing operations, the iconic departement store KaDeWe presented itself on the occasion of its 115th anniversary in a new guise and with a cutting-edge concept. The transformation goes beyond visual enhancements, with HearDis! contributing to the acoustic highlights with innovative speaker systems and an multi-zone music program.

Photo by Martin Dziuba

Multi-Zone Audio

We rose to the challenge of providing flexible, top-notch music content and sound quality for 60,000 square meters of retail space. With a growing emphasis on omnichannel experiences and customer journeys, sound is a crucial aspect that can make all the difference. The task was clear: conceive, plan, and execute a custom, innovative loudspeaker system for the entire area without sacrificing sound quality. To achieve this goal, a closely-knit network of 360° loudspeakers was distributed to provide a seamless sound experience. Subwoofers, positioned in a discreet manner, enhance the overall sound quality and contribute to visitors' comfort without drawing attention. The zoning of the loudspeakers ensures that sound is present throughout the store while adapting to structural specifications and acoustic challenges, such as background noise from checkout areas and escalators.

Photo by Nick Fancher

We love to work with 'beautiful objects', we value design, quality and value, but also a harmonious partnership with the customer. In this respect, the collaboration with KaDeWe was ideal, because it was never boring and it allowed us to realise unique things.

Robin Hofmann, CEO, HearDis!

Innovative Audio Technology

A luxury department store demands high-quality accessories and new design solutions. HearDis! offers a comprehensive service, from selecting the appropriate technical components, to installing the loudspeakers and designing the music WLAN system for remote maintenance and administration of the system. Security and maintenance of the loudspeaker system were also taken into account and implemented, with a specially designed IT structure for constant monitoring and smooth operation. The audio infrastructure is entirely controllable via radio, allowing for flexibility without expensive installations.

Music Curation

To ensure appropriate music curation in each area of the 8 floors and to capture the full diversity of the product and consumer assortment, we developed a modular system of music profiles. The music profiles are each assigned to one of the 12 zones defined together with the KaDeWe team. Each profile is individually curated to appeal to the tastes of the respective target group through differences in musical characteristics (e.g. genre and styles) and dramaturgical design of the playlists (e.g. intensity and tempo). The different zones range from Kids over Food to Sports and High Fashion.

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