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for Mercedes-Benz

Original theme 'In Our Dreams' for the global campaign of the first-ever EQS.

April 2021 has seen Mercedes-Benz blowing minds with the unveiling of the first-ever electric vehicle in the luxury class: the EQS. On the Mercedes 'me media' online platform, viewers across the globe finally got to sneak a peek at the all-new EQS in the film ‘The Arrival’, directed by Thibaut Grevet of ANORAK FILM and scored by Georg von dem Bussche of playdis - the music production hub of HearDis!.

The EQS. This is for you, world
All images provided by Mercedes-Benz

The enthusiasm that 'The Arrival' received is no serendipity. What makes the Mercedes EQS ad triumphant is the bliss it generates. A blend of wholeness, connection and passion of a first true love affair - after all, the viewer is witnessing the arrival of the EQS as it lands on earth! This extraordinary feeling is brought to life by the film with an unexpected and yet compelling interplay between imagery and sound.

Bespoke Music

Visually, the audience is pulled into a blue coloured world that creates a surreal atmosphere. The imagery produces a stylish and sensual appeal, similar to that of haute couture shows. At the same time, this emotion of awe is enhanced by an original score that surprises the audience by deliberately clashing with the sleek and futuristic moving images. The original theme ‘In Our Dream’ by Georg von dem Bussche draws on this contrast. It features classical strings and a rhythm reminiscent of a waltz while deep contralto vocals led by British singer Louise Golbey add a 60's soul flair to the film.

Campaign Soundtrack

Commissioned for the Mercedes EQS international campaign 'This is for you, world' and led by advertising agency antoni garage, playdis has delivered the original theme of 'The Arrival' in different versions that align with the marketing activities by Mercedes-Benz: 

teasers for social media, a 30-second long adaptation for the EQS World Premiere and a 60-second long adaptation for the TV commercial.

In Our Dream by The EQS is available on all major streaming platforms.

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