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Deepening TrustthroughSound Branding

for DKB

Sound Identity makes DKB acoustically recognizable.

We gave birth to a holistic sound branding that enriches the omni-channel customer experience and brand perception of DKB's sustainable banking - across TV-spots, online pre-rolls, Podcasts and on-hold messaging - while at the same time establishing the grounds for novel audio formats directed to digital interfaces and personal assistants through the new brand voice.

Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen/dkb.de

In the recent brand campaign for DKB, Jung von Matt/NECKAR calls attention to the company’s stance on sustainable banking: with 4.2 million customers, DKB invests the large majority of its total assets in a multitude of national social and environmental initiatives. The campaign’s core message is that everyone can truly contribute to a sustainable society simply by joining DKB, this way becoming a #geldverbesserer (aka “money optimiser”)! Such righteous positioning is used as a pivoting element in the novel audio branding HearDis! conceived for the company. 

DKB Audio Branding

Empowered with a new audio branding to express its sustainable banking, DKB continues to thrive in the financial market as an advocate for banks’ commitment toward social and global climate undertakings.

Marcel Schwarzkopf, Project Lead, DKB Deutsche Kreditbank

Sound Identity

To determine the sound of DKB, we explored the look and feel, sound and tone of the greater financial world, keeping at the center of our quest DKB’s brand values, its revamped corporate identity and the audience it targets. With the goal of creating a fresh and modern image to appeal to the digitally affine, the sound realm that took shape is high end, cosmopolitan, warm, with a pinch of humor. A sound that is familiar yet one that gently surprises with new facets.

Authenticity, value and innovation framed the essence of different types of audio content we produced for the bank to fulfill the entire spectrum of creative needs on this front: from original music and sound logo variations, brand voice casting and voice-over recordings, all the way to audio post production and sound design. 

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