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Immersive Sound ExperiencethroughAudio Installation

for Deutsche Bundesbank

Interactive learning about currency stability at the ‘Geld Museum’ of the central bank in Frankfurt.

As the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank belongs to the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and, as such, commits itself to a stable currency. Just a few steps from its main gate, the Central Bank established the Money Museum with the aim to inform about the tasks of Deutsche Bundesbank, the function of money and the importance of stability in the broader financial system.

© Uwe Nölke/Frank Rumpenhorst

In times of digitalisation and virtuality, learning and experience have been transformed into memorable adventures. This notion is very much present in the Money Museum, where the complexity of cash, book money, monetary policy and global money are made palpable and understandable in an interactive permanent exhibition.

Central to the space, is a 360° cinema projecting educational films that invite visitors to dive into the worlds of money. The latest addition to the theatre programme is the recent work the Central Bank commissioned to creative and digital partner xailabs to illustrate the banknote life cycle. Since the renovation the Money Museum underwent in 2016, we have been collaborating with the Berlin-based production company on over thirty projects between exhibits and films that feature works by HearDis!.

Audio Installation

This time, the narrative around the yet most popular German means of payment - cash - accompanies the banknote, from design and printing to circulation and shredding. Trusted to deliver a sound experience suitable to the digital immersive context, we created surround sound design to fit the theme of the new 360° film. Following that, we carried out audio post production - including dialogue editing, mixing and mastering - while also taking care of implementing it on-site according to the multiple audio channels that encompass the cinema. Given our music supervision expertise, we then identified and licensed the different songs featured in the film directly from the HearDis! catalogue.

Banknotes are tangible, everyday reminders of the freedom, convenience and opportunities we all have. Nowadays, citizens can pick from a myriad of payment methods but it remains a personal decision when and what to use banknotes for. The Central Bank in Frankfurt ensures that its citizens can continue to benefit from such a choice.

Acknowledging the impact currency stability has on society, we revere our collaboration with xailabs to create powerfully informative content for the Money Museum, a remarkable site for learning and experience.

Lead agency: xailabs
Client: Money Museum of Deutsche Bundesbank

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