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for BiFi

Bespoke composition accompanies the introduction of a new vegetarian snack.

The concept was initiated by Heimat TBWA, realized with the Berlin production company ANORAK, directed by Niklas Weise and enhanced through a bespoke soundtrack from our subsidiary playdis

BiFi - Give Veggie a Chance

„Give Veggie a chance“: In this dry but charming spot we follow a dedicated brand promoter on his quest to introduce the new vegetarian version of a popular snack sausage to distrustful fellow citizens. In the style of a local politician we see him giving speeches with great enthusiasm in front of sparse audiences, all sorts of awkwardness included.

Vegetarian snacks can and should be fun. We wanted to convey that communicatively as well, and not just target a specific group. BiFi Veggie is for everyone.

Giuseppe Puglisi, Head of Brand at BiFi EMEA

Campaign Soundtrack

With washed-out colors and scenery that takes you to the middle of nowhere, to empty school auditoriums, to wonky parasols and a team bravely moving from place to place to fight the skepticism about a BiFi vegetarian salami, the film is delightfully quirky and charming. 

The music is a classic waltz arranged in a style reminiscent of a solo entertainer with a saxophone and a backing track coming from a 90s keyboard workstation.

Thanks to Heimat TBWA, ANORAK and Niklas Weise.

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