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Digithougths follows our CEO Robin Hofmann through our hometown Stuttgart.

Digithoughts mit Robin Hofmann
© Digithoughts/Wirtschaftsförderung Stuttgart

At the moment there's just lots of experimentation going on to look and see where the limits of technology actually are.

Robin Hofmann

Region Stuttgart visited our office to talk with our Co-founder and CEO Robin Hofmann about his background as a renowned DJ, his thoughts on AI and its impact on creativity. He also shares his opinion about the importance and potential the “low-key” city of Stuttgart has to offer for innovative digital endeavors.

Catch a look into our Stuttgart office below and see some of Robins' favorite spots in town, while getting insights about the use of AI technology in music and what it could mean for the future of the workfield he has been a huge part of for the last 15 years already.

What's next for the digital future in the Stuttgart Region? Digithoughts portraits minds from the regional IT industry and lets them share their thoughts on the digital future - their digithougts.

Thank you Region Stuttgart for letting us take part in this exciting video series! More information can be found here.

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